Dental Implants

Do you need a Dental Implant to replace a missing tooth?

Why choose a dental specialists vs a general dentist?
Why are implants a better option to replace missing teeth? 
We will share with you some information to make a good decision

How to choose a dentist for my implant?

Although some general dentists do place implants, always look for a dental specialist like a prosthodontist or a periodontist. They have at least an extra 3-years of advanced training for implant placement and restoration and usually they offer the implants at the same price compared to general dentists.

Only trust an Implant specialist with at least 5 years of experience 

Ask the dentist to share his/her previous work with you.

Implant placement is a very sensitive cosmetic procedure that requires a lot of cosmetic training for optimum placement. When placed incorrectly, the metal might show through the gum tissue causing a non-cosmetic appearance.

Implant problems
A successful implant with bad cosmetic outcome

Implant brand and warranty.

There are several dental implant manufacturers that are excellent. The big names are Nobel, Biohorizons, Bicon, Straumann, Biomet 3i, Astra and Zimmer. There are hundreds of "knock off" manufacturers as well. The key is to use implants that have warranty and good research. Ask for at least a 3-year warranty.

Implant companies


Dr. Samo, Could you please share some cases with us?

We are very proud of our work and we will share 4 different types of cases 
Case # 1 A single implant is designed to replace one or two teeth. Dr. Samo is a pioneer in non-invasive implant placement in 10 minutes or less. This will expedite the healing process and minimize the trauma after the surgery.

Single Implant
Can you tell the implant tooth at the end?

Case #2: Five missing teeth case

Here is a case where patient needed both implants work on the right side and cosmetic work on the left side. Note the excellent results and how both sides blend together

5 teeth Implant
These Implants restored function and cosmetic. 

Case #3: Two missing teeth with cosmetic challenge

Here is a case where the patient was missing two front teeth. Dr. Samo made two custom white abutments to blend with adjacent teeth. Can you tell?

Two Implants
Excellent outcome with 2 cosmetic abutments

Case #4: Fourteen missing teeth

This case is for my mother in-law and you know I cannot do wrong. Excellent results from 360 degree with 8 implants.

My mother inlaw case
You don't want to go wrong with your mother in-law 



How much are dental implants?

Although the price of dental implants varies based on different clinical factors, we made a simple plan so you can afford them

  • If you have good bone, a simple implant will cost you $2500 each implant cash price "Including surgical placement, 3D x-ray, abutment and a crown"
  • If you need a simple bone graft, then the price is $3600 for each implant cash price "Including surgical placement, 3D x-ray, abutment and a crown" 
  • The above reduced price does not include any extra services needed for implant placement. You will need to pay extra for each upgrade such as Gold crown, ... etc  

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