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iSmile Specialists is a unique dental clinic that utilizes the advantages of a one-stop business concept. This allows you to see different dental specialists at the same time and same place with no extra cost.
Breakthroughs in dental technology are making fear of the dentist a thing of the past. Today, we can get better results in less time and without the invasive painful methods of the past.




Modern Dentistry

Do you expect to place a phone call using a 1960s phone TODAY ? No. While the phone industry has advanced tremendously in the last decade, dental technologies did the same and revolutionized the practice of dentistry.

Digital X-rays, soft tissue laser, dental 3D-scans, wireless LED lights, Lumineers, immediate dental implants, invisalignTM, Lingual braces, Intra-oral micro camera, digital caries detectors and painless injection are only some examples of what technologies have brought recently into the dental profession.



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